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The tried-and-tested JD224 from the HAUSKEN JAKT product line, loved by many the world over, now also comes in an exceptionally durable titanium core variant. The JAKT JD224 HYBRID TITAN silencer offers unsurpassed quality, performance and practicality. Thanks to its hard-anodised and reinforced aluminium housing, as well as its indestructible grade 5 titanium core, the silencer is also suitable for magnum calibers and rapid bursts of fire. This means that it can now finally be used at a simulator or shooting range! The 50-mm diameter allows for optimal gas distribution inside the silencer, thus ensuring a balanced sound pressure level reduction of around -30 dB, while the rifle, thanks to a barrel extension of just 140 mm and the tried-and-tested HAUSKEN over-barrel design, continues to offer precise and easy handling, even when moving.