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Can I put my rifle in the gun cabinet with the silencer fitted?

We recommend unscrewing the silencer from the gun and storing it upright in the gun cabinet. This recommendation applies regardless of whether the silencer has been actively used or not. Moisture can collect inside the silencer, which in combination with combustion residues can form an aggressive substance. This can lead to corrosion damage in the silencer, including in the barrel of the weapon. It is therefore advisable to provide a holder for the silencer in the gun cabinet, for example from MASIMO.

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Do I need to use special ammunition when using a silencer?

In principle, any conventional ammunition can be used in conjunction with a silencer. The HAUSKEN silencers in particular offer specific features depending on the application or calibre: the HAUSKEN WHISPER MEGA XTRM, for example, is characterized by the fact that it is also suitable for MAGNUM calibres. If a HAUSKEN silencer is used in conjunction with a short barrel, it is advisable to use the special filling from the RWS SHORT RIFLE / NORMA SILENCER series. Among other things, the burning behaviour of the powder has been optimized in these cartridges in order to ensure consistent performance despite the shorter barrel length. The cartridges of the RWS SHORT RIFLE and NORMA SILENCER series are currently available in the most important calibres and with the most modern RWS and NORMA bullets.

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Can I also use smaller calibre cartridges with my silencer in a standard calibre (e.g. .308 Win.)?

Yes, but with a loss of performance in terms of silencing. The silencer achieves the optimal silencing performance when the bullet calibre matches the inner diameter as best as possible. Because the smaller the differences between the bullet and the guidance in the silencer, the less gas can escape the bullet past the silencer. This leeway reduces silencing performance with a smaller caliber. 


Can I use subsonic ammunition in combination with a HAUSKEN silencer?

You can fire subsonic ammunition with the silencers, but due to the low energy output, we definitely do not recommend these for hunting use. Only a few exceptions in the subsonic ammunition product range achieve the legal minimum energy for hoofed game. Local hunting laws must always be observed here and the appropriate ammunition for the respective game must be used in accordance with the specifications. Please also consider that very few hunting guns are able to fire ammunition of this type without problems.

Does installing a silencer change the hit pattern and do I have familiarise myself with my weapon again?

Any change in bullet guidance affects the point of impact of a bullet. The silencing performance of a silencer also leads to a reduction in the recoil of the weapon. Responsible for this is the special construction of the HAUSKEN silencers, especially in connection with the XTRM mesh. However, the bullet is also slightly affected by the turbulence of the gases within the silencer. With the enormous silencing performance, the point of impact is shifted by a few centimetres. In addition, the uniform repeatability of a shot is optimized due to the significant reduction in recoil. The more comfortable shooting behaviour affects the accuracy of the shooter. After installing a silencer, we recommend checking the shot pattern at a shooting range provided for this purpose. In this way, necessary adjustments can be made and ultimately a fair hunt is always guaranteed!

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How do we measure our noise reduction claims?

We base our noise level measurements on MIL-STD-1474D. This is the current standard for measuring the noise level of weapons and/or silencers. This standard specifies the exact procedure and implementation of the test in order to obtain a precise and comparable result. 

MIL-STD-1474D specifies two options for positioning the noise meter (microphone):

1) The first and most important position of the noise meter is at a 90 degree angle, 100 cm to the left of the silencer bore exit. Both the silencer and the noise meter should be 160 cm above the ground. The actual silencing performance of the silencer results from this position.

2) The "shooter's ear" position is a reference position to measure the noise exposure for the user/shooter. The microphone is placed under the same conditions as in the first position, but now in the place of the "shooter's ear" and 15 cm from the barrel axis.
This measurement method does not take into account how long/short the barrel and/or silencer are and will give an erratic result depending on the length of the gun and the length of the silencer. The further the noise level meter is from the noise source, the lower the noise level. As a result, this is not an accurate method of measuring a silencer's noise reduction, but can be used as a reference for the user.

All HAUSKEN silencers are tested and measured in accordance with MIL-STD-1474D and at an angle of 90 degrees, 100 cm to the left of the silencer's exit from the barrel. The quality and regularity of all our sound level measurements are therefore 100% correct.

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Are silencers able to completely eliminate the sound of the shot?

No, silencers can only reduce the sound of the shot, but not completely compensate it. In the case of hunting ammunition in particular, the additional factor of the sonic boom must be taken into account, which is due to the high speed of hunting ammunition. HAUSKEN silencers can be purchased in a variety of styles, with silencers featuring an XTRM mesh or the larger models such as the HAUSKEN WHISPER MEGA XTRM, designed to reduce a high percentage of shot noise. 

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By how many dB is the shot noise reduced by a HAUSKEN silencer?

The standard variants of HAUSKEN silencers mean a reduction of approx. 31 dB. For the XTRM models, the average is around 34 dB. A precise overview of the individual products can be found in our catalogue and of course in our product overview. Here you can also filter according to the desired silencing performance. 

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Does a muzzle thread make sense for mounting a silencer?

A muzzle thread is the best possible way to attach a silencer to the gun. Snap-on and clamp-on devices do not have a high level of repeat accuracy and can become loose during firing. HAUSKEN offers an appropriate adapter for all common threads. 

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What do I have to consider in relation to the barrel length when buying a silencer? How long or short should my gun barrel be if I want to use a silencer?

This question is not easy to answer, as it depends on the individual and on numerous other factors. The length of a barrel is determined, among other things, by the calibre and influenced by the hunting situation in which the rifle is to be used. A minimum barrel length is often required for large calibres. This can, for example, also be read in more detail in the information provided by the ammunition manufacturers. The hunting situation can show whether you have to consider a particularly easy-to-handle weapon, whereby a shorter barrel naturally has a clear advantage when attaching silencers. Over-barrel silencers only lengthen the barrel by a small percentage, while on-barrel silencers lengthen the barrel by their full size. On-barrel silencers are mainly used for guns with a red dot or open sights. Ultimately, the hunter must make the right choice for their equipment and circumstances and find the best possible solution in combination with the rifle and ammunition. Our product overview offers numerous options to get a closer look. You will find precise information on our part and the corresponding recommendation for a barrel length in the catalogue and on our homepage.

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How much does a good silencer cost?

HAUSKEN's broad portfolio offers a suitable solution for every requirement. Very good silencers, such as the JAKT 151 XTRM, can start at around €400 UVP. With the help of our product overview, you can get an overview of possible properties and areas of application. Here you can sort by magnum suitability, XTRM mesh or on-barrel and over-barrel. Once a short-list has been made, there is an opportunity to locate local distributors who can help you find the right local retailer.

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What is a silencer and what is it used for?

A silencer usually consists of several parts, with the exception of 3D printed silencers. A tube, an interior (one-piece or multi-piece) and various attachments and seals. The exact structure of a HAUSKEN MINI, JAKT or WHISPER silencer can be viewed in more detail on the respective overview page. Internal workings with different clearance bores are offered for different calibre groups. It must be ensured that the passage bore has at least the diameter of the calibre used. A silencer is usually equipped with a thread or a quick-release fastener to enable simple, safe and quick mounting on the gun barrel. Of course, this also refers to the correspondingly quick dismantling after use in order to ensure separate storage in the gun cabinet and thus ensure optimal conditions. When firing a weapon with a HAUSKEN silencer, the resulting gases are guided through the housing and the inner workings through various chambers. This causes the gases to be swirled. The expansion through the individual chambers of the silencer, supported by a special steel mesh in the HAUSKEN XTRM variants, slows down the gases, which significantly compensates for both the recoil and the noise.

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What are the advantages of using a silencer when hunting?

There are numerous advantages to using a silencer when hunting. In the first place, of course, the muzzle blast is reduced. With the right silencer from HAUSKEN, the shot noise is reduced by up to 40 dB, providing additional protection for the hunter's hearing and that of their companions. Another advantage is the recoil compensation due to the technically sophisticated design of the HAUSKEN silencer. The gases produced when the shot is fired are routed through several chambers inside the silencer and, in the case of the XTRM variants, are additionally supported by the incorporation of a special metal mesh. Finally, the muzzle flash is reduced by using the silencer. As a result, an impairment of the eyes when stalking at night is sometimes completely avoided. 


Do silencers have serial numbers?

This may vary from country to country. In Germany, for example, all silencers (except for decoration and air pressure SD) have their own serial number. 

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What does the phrase "First Round Pop" mean?

The term "First Round Pop" refers to the first round fired through a silencer. The reason for this is that the silencer is filled with oxygen on the first shot, which causes an additional noise when it is fired. As a result, the first shot is often louder than the following ones. This is particularly important when hunting, where often only one shot is fired, so the special construction of a HAUSKEN suppressor counteracts this phenomenon, with the aim of keeping the first-round pop as quiet as possible. In particular, the XTRM models of the respective variants of the HAUSKEN silencers should be mentioned here. Due to the unique construction of the pressure chambers, which are additionally covered with a steel mesh fabric, this effect does not even appear. 

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Do I also need hearing protection when using a silencer?

For complete protection, it is advisable to wear additional hearing protection. Active headphones are particularly suitable for hunting, as they can amplify the main sounds of the forest and block out disruptive noises, such as a gunshot. 


Why should I buy a HAUSKEN silencer?

The history of HAUSKEN and the people behind it is unique. It all began more than 30 years ago, when the founder Hans-Petter Hausken found previous silencers too heavy and unwieldy. Out of a deep desire to create a better option for himself as a hunter, he worked on the first HAUSKEN silencers and later founded the company of the same name. Passion and innovation characterize the products from HAUSKEN. The silencers of the JAKT, WHISPER and MINI variants were designed by users for users and can be traced back to 30 years of ingenuity and passion. HAUSKEN has the right silencer in its portfolio for every situation!

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How do I find the right HAUSKEN silencer model for my individual application scenario?

In our product overview, you can filter by weight, colour, magnum suitability, silencing performance and XTRM mesh, among other things. This enables you to make an initial selection. On the pages for the individual product variants of the JAKT, WHISPER and MINI silencers you will find specific details about the respective properties in order to be able to classify a silencer for your application in more detail. For the purchase itself, we recommend that you visit one of our retailers, who can recommend the best possible choice for your hunting rifle in detail.

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Where can I find an overview of all HAUSKEN silencers?

The first place to go is of course our product overview, where you can get a general overview of our portfolio. If you are already looking for a specific variant of the HAUSKEN silencer, it is a good idea to take a closer look at the pages on the JAKT, WHISPER and MINI silencers. In our download area you will also find the digital version of our catalogue, which will also be available from our dealers. 


What is the price/performance ratio of HAUSKEN silencers?

Every hunter can find what they are looking for at HAUSKEN. Based on the technical specifications, the right silencer can be selected depending on your budget. Overall, HAUSKEN is in the middle price segment and offers top silencing performance with extremely low weight in connection with high-quality products. 

Are HAUSKEN silencers suitable for use in shooting cinemas?

Standard HAUSKEN silencers are made of aluminium. This material is heavily strained during high firing rates. Therefore, these are not suitable for a busy session in the shooting cinema. Basically, with silencers, as with hunting guns, attention must be paid to the heating of the materials. Excessive heat development damages the barrel and the silencer. For this reason, HAUSKEN has developed special hybrid silencers for high rates of fire, which can master high rates of fire with the help of titanium and are therefore particularly suitable for shooting cinema as well as dynamic hunts. 

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How long is the service life of a HAUSKEN silencer?

The type of stress is decisive for the service life of a silencer. With the help of our tips for storage and care of HAUSKEN silencers, and the recommendation in terms of stress, they have a long service life due to their high-quality workmanship. High firing rates and the associated heat generation within the construction exposes the silencer to a high level of stress. When hunting or training on the shooting range, it is therefore advisable to pay attention to the heat development and, if in doubt, to let the silencer cool down in the meantime. After use, the silencer should be removed from the gun and stored upright in the gun cabinet.

What can I do if I have problems with my silencer?

Problems with silencers are often due to internal contamination. We generally recommend cleaning the silencer after 200 shots or at least once a year. We have already made a suggestion for the cleaning process in previous questions. Please also check first whether the silencer is assembled correctly. If there is still a problem with the silencer, please contact the retailer you purchased the silencer from. They can help you quickly and will contact us immediately if we have any further questions. 

Can I have my HAUSKEN silencer individually engraved?

Yes, customizations are implemented directly on site in Norway and can be discussed with your retailer. If you would like to find out more about the history and the HAUSKEN brand, please visit the "About Us" page on the website. In addition to this very special customization, you can also choose between numerous colours. You are welcome to make a short-list in our product overview.

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Where can I buy HAUSKEN silencers?

As a manufacturer, we work very closely with our retailers and distributors. An overview of the local dealers can be found on our distributor page. Our dealers can advise you individually when purchasing and recommend the best possible silencer for you and your weapon. A fair hunt is only guaranteed if you have the right confidence in your equipment. 

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What colours are HAUSKEN silencers available in?

Especially our HAUSKEN silencers are something very special and unique in the numerous colours. In our product overview you can get an overview and possibly already make a pre-selection. HAUSKEN silencers come in black as standard ex works. For your individuality and a modern look, the models of the JAKT line are also available in different colours. You then have the choice between black, blue, silver, pink, orange, green and gold!

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