Excellent Silencers Made in Norway

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Muzzle signature reducers, whisper bags or silencers, as we call them today, are an indispensable part of modern hunting. They not only protect the sensitive hearing of human and companion dog, but also enable a completely new hunting experience without painful noise peaks. On the one hand, depending on the calibre, the quite unpleasant recoil and the associated "banging" of the weapon eliminate. For another, the muzzle flash is significantly reduced, which means that there is no disturbing glare on the shooter. This is particularly helpful when shooting in the dark. Another advantage is for example that game in herds or packs usually reacts more "calmly" to the muffled shot. This increases the likelihood of a successful route. Finally, a silencer offers a number of advantages for quieter, more effective and more enjoyable hunting.

Made in Norway

The Norwegian family business HAUSKEN, run by inventor and hunter Hans Petter Hausken and his wife Clare, has specialised in the manufacture of silencers for over 30 years and has continuously expanded its knowledge. Today, HAUSKEN silencers meet the highest demands for durability, precision and performance! All models are made of hard-anodised high-alloy aluminium – for maximum durability and long-life use. HAUSKEN silencers combine best silencing performance with sophisticated design, low weight and compact dimensions that do not affect the handling of the weapon. Another plus point: thanks to the special disassembly tool, you easily dismantle the silencer for cleaning. Because to ensure that the silencer is always in perfect condition, regular maintenance is important!

Light, compact, quiet: HAUSKEN

The product portfolio ranges from MINI silencers such as the MD45 for small-calibre cartridges, to compact over-barrel models for classic medium calibres and versatile hunting, to silencers for powerful magnum calibres and faster firing sequences. Some silencers, such as the combined HAUSKEN JAKT WHISPER WD60X XTRM, with the larger diameter of 60 mm, have an integrated stainless steel mesh that optimally dampens the muzzle blast even with cartridges that release a large amount of combustion gases. This means that even the maximum damping of "the" calibre sizes such as 9.3x62 or .300 Win. Mag. is no problem for the hunting all-rounder.

The optimised silencer cartridge

With the RWS SHORT RIFLE, RWS introduces a silencer-friendly ammunition with offensive burning powder, adapted bullet weight and powerful primer. Four bullets are already available: DRIVEN HUNT, HIT, SPEED TIP PROFESSIONAL, EVOLUTION GREEN.

The cause is as follows: Hunters use silencers often in combination with short barrels. However, conventional ammunition is usually for barrel lengths of 600 mm. If fired from shorter barrels, this can result in loss of energy and velocity, reduced effectiveness, pronounced muzzle flash, louder muzzle blast and increased abrasion of the silencers. When using a RWS SHORT RIFLE cartridge, the wear of the silencer reduces effectively. In addition, the performance of the cartridge from short barrels and the potential of the silencer is fully utilised and the hunter experiences the privilege of an even quieter hunt.