Whether it is the XTRM or the MEGA XRTM, the HAUSKEN WHISPER series is defined by a particular robustness that make it first choice for Magnum calibres.

HAUSKEN WHISPER silencers are compatible with a maximum barrel thickness of up to 30 mm, depending on the configuration. The dimensions and weight reflect that special Magnum feeling- Only very few silencers have what it takes to withstand this kind of gas pressure. The ingenious over-barrel design compensates for the weight, as the silencer can enclose even the largest barrels while still remaining manageable. The firearm extension amounts to between 144 and 229 mm. Another of the strengths is the incredible drop in sound pressure level by up to 43 dB, rivalled only by the equally powerful reduction in recoil. The HAUSKEN WHISPER series embodies an optimised blend of innovation, technology and material. It leaves no wishes unfulfilled when used together with Magnum calibres.

Because HAUSKEN.

Improved accuracy, less recoil and reduced noise. The benefits are plain to see. Using a silencer has the following advantages:


The silencer deflects the substantial volume of gas that follows the bullet through the barrel after powder ignition, where it then expands in the cylinder. A number of individual chambers amplify this effect, easing the strain and cooling the system. This prevents an abrupt expansion of the gas after exiting the barrel, causing a reduction in the sound pressure. 


Minimising recoil is the second major advantage associated with silencers. The large silencer body and the individual chambers inside evenly distribute the pressure within the silencer. This substantially reduces vertical recoil and improves controlled shooting and accuracy. 


Silencers also reduce turbulence that might otherwise detract from the bullet’s accuracy.


Silencers also compensate the muzzle flash. This eliminates any distracting burst of light when shooting in twilight or at night. 


With their 70 mm diameter and six different lengths from 228-506 mm, the WHISPER XTRM over-barrel models offer very good silencing power of up to -40 dB. The design accommodates a rifle barrel diameter of up to 30 mm. The WHISPER series is the robust compromise between extreme silencing performance and - compared to WHISPER MEGA XTRM - reduced rifle extension of 144 mm!

+ gigantic diameter of 70 mm

+ up to -40 dB attenuation performance

+ robust compromise between extreme damping performance and reduced rifle extension


MEGA XTRM is a further development of the WHISPER series. With a continuous steel mesh filling in the heaviest twelve damping chambers, a large 70 mm diameter, five total lengths of 456 - 656 mm and pressure distribution chambers of almost 300 mm length in front of the barrel muzzle, this design achieves the highest damping performance of up to -43 dB available on the market, which absolutely justifies its strong name WHISPER MEGA XTRM. The MEGA XTRM absorbs almost all sounds of the muzzle blast and catapults the sound pressure level from over 170 dB to well below the pain threshold of 120 dB. It is a very stable and robust silencer that excellently tames magnum calibres and is ideal for accurate long-range shooting.

+ Continuous steel grid XTRM filling for maximum attenuation performance.

+ Ideal for Magnum calibres

+ 456 - 656 mm calibre-optimised length variations


If you are looking for even more information around our WHISPER product line, you will temporarily find it in our new catalogue for 2023/24.




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